BioNM Lab

  Space: 36 sq. m. (desks, storage, benches, equipment) at 1st floor, Library Building 


Equipment / Devices


(a) Phantoms:

Tissue-equivalent anthropomorphic thorax phantom, lungs, cardiac, liver, breast, neck-thyroid phantoms, moulds for phantoms, engineering tools and consumables (solid water material, resin, plexiglass, etc.)


(b) 3D Printers:

Form-Lab2 for resins (wash and UV curing devices), Ultimaker-S5 for plastics, related tools, printing materials, consumables for processing the printing products


(c) Software:

MatLab, custom-made database software, develop algorithms (scattering correction, partial volume correction, volume estimation of tumours, dosimetry), 3d printing  




(d) Devices/sensors:

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC V1210, PLC V1020), PLC Snap-In I/O V200-18-E2B, I/O Expansion (IO-A14-A02), PLC EXF (EXF-RC15), I/O Expansion Adapter (EX-A2X), PLC power supply (PS-24 MILLENIUM II), two motor power supplies (GDR-60-24), three motor power supplies (GDR-60-12), two linear stepper motors (23HS45-4204S) and custom-made assemblies with actuating rods, linear stepper motor (110BYGH201), stepper motor (110BYGH401) and custom-made assembly for rotation, two motor drivers (SMC139), two motor drivers (M542T), two proportional valves (MPPE-3-1/8-1-010-B), three mini vacuum pumps (H40DMR), two solenoid electro-valves (M&M RB397CVC), solenoid electro-valve (M&M D232DVW), pressure gauge (FAR2000-01), flowmeter (Festo SFAB-50U-HQ6-2SV-M12), two photoelectric sensors (panasonic HG-C1100-P), two proximity sensors (LJA3-2-Z/BY), two proximity sensors (2218036), two proximity sensor (Autonics PRL-08), power supply (TSTZS 200/001), capacitor (ZN350M), pressure control (HEP110), pressure sensor (Autonics PSA-01), rotary encoder (E50S8-1000-3-T-24), ECG Simulator (TechPatient CARDIO), multimeter (GDM-394), function generator (GFG-8020H), power supply (SPB-120-24), stepper motor driver (DM8601), power supply (S-350-60), related electronic tools, accessories and consumables (types of cables and connectors etc), plexiglass assemblies to mechanical validate motions, pipettes, pipes and connectors etc.