Objective of BioNM Research Group

Main objective of the group is to optimize the diagnostic value of various nuclear medicine procedures in the framework of improving public health.

The main activities are to:

1. Manufacture human-like and shaped phantoms with precisely controlled motions for nuclear medicine,

2. Perform SPECT/CT (& PET/CT soon more) acquisitions  and image processing at the collaborating Nuclear Medicine Departments of  Hospitals in Cyprus and abroad, following the clinical protocols and using the developed phantoms,

3. Perform quantitative analysis, and also evaluate the collaborating physicians’ diagnosis, using dedicated  custom-made imaging software.

Contact Details

Associate Professor Yiannis Parpottas

E-mail: yparpottas@frederick.ac.cy


Frederick University & Frederick Research Center

7 Filokyprou Street,

Pallouriotisa 1036

Nicosia, Cyprus