BioNM Research Group at Frederick University

 Researchers: 11

  • Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Y. Parpottas

  • Collaboration with FU Faculty Members

  1. Prof. E. Kyriacou (Medical Imaging)
  2. Assoc. Prof. A. Lontos (Manufacture Engineering)
  3. Asst. Prof. Th. Leontiou (Imaging)
  4. Lecturer A. Constantinides (Databases)
  5. Lecturer P. Mavromatides (Automation)
  • Current Postdoc Researchers:

  1. Dr. A. Hadjiconstanti,
  2. Dr. G. Charitou
  • PhD students:

  1. S. Panagi,
  2. K. Michael,
  3. E. Ttofi

Competences: 5

  • Manufacture Engineering:

    Design, 3D printing, molding, manufacturing phantoms
  • Automation Techniques:

    Controlled phantom motion (PLC, ladder programming, sensors)
  • Nuclear Medicine Imaging:

    MatLab algorithms (EXC88 project)
  • Medical Physics:

    Quantitative analysis, dosimetry, use of phantoms
  • Databases:

    Manage, store, retrieve, evaluations