BioNM Lab

Space: 36 sq. m. (desks, storage, benches, equipment) at 1st floor, Library Building 

Equipment / Devices


(a) Phantoms:

Tissue-equivalent anthropomorphic thorax phantom, lungs, cardiac, liver, breast, neck-thyroid phantoms, moulds for phantoms, engineering tools and consumables (solid water material, resin, plexiglass, etc.)

(b) 3D Printers:

Form-Lab2 for resins (wash and UV curing devices), Ultimaker-S5 for plastics, related tools, printing materials, consumables for processing the printing products

(c) Software:

MatLab, custom-made database software, develop algorithms (scattering correction, partial volume correction, volume estimation of tumours, dosimetry), 3d printing 

(d) Devices/sensors:

Programmable Logic Controllers, Expansion Adapter / Modules, power supplies, linear stepper motors and custom-made assemblies with actuating rods, stepper motor and custom-made assembly for rotation, motor drivers, proportional valves, mini vacuum/flow pumps, solenoid electro-valves,  pressure gauge, flowmeter, photoelectric sensors, proximity sensors,  pressure control, pressure sensor, rotary encoder, ECG Simulator, function generator, related electronic tools, accessories and consumables (types of cables and connectors etc), plexiglass assemblies to mechanical validate motions, pipettes, pipes and connectors etc.